Friday, April 30, 2010


There is a game I played a few times in the UK - I think it is called Scattegories but I could be wrong. It is pretty much like 30 Seconds except you only have to get the people on your team to say one word. However, the hard bit is that written on the card are 5 words you may not use. For example, if the clue was elephant, you might not be able to say animal, trunk, dumbo, mammal or pachyderm while trying to explain the clue.

One day we were playing it and one of the chaps was trying to explain "Newcastle", as in the city in the UK. He pointed to Neil, one of our group who was from Newcastle, and said "Neil Neil Neil" excitedly. Pretty simple, you'd think. But no.

Niel is gay.

So while the oke was going "Neil Neil Neil" as his Newcastle clue, we were roaring back "gay", "homo", "poof", "fudge packer", "pillow-biter", "Elton John", "the Queen", "queer"...

Poor Neil. He sat there like someone had slapped him while we pissed ourselves laughing when we heard what the actual answer was.

Sadly, our 30 seconds ran out. And we didn't get the point for it.

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