Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hello folks.

As I suck at organising things, I only found my list of RSVPs for #promcricket today.

This is who I have who has RSVPed:

1) @franczeska
2) @RoxyAlexDallas
3) @lesterkk
4) Kimmefruit (Letterdash)
5) @TOMolefe
6) @Mohebo
7) Mos Native (Letterdash)
8) Antoinette (forgot twitter name -sorry)
9) Niels Himself (Leterdash)
10) @franczeska's +1
11) @lesterkk's +1
12) @lesterkk's +another 1

- @dyled
- @BobMabena (or @Bob_Mabena I can't remember)
- @brendan_l
- Bernard (Letterdash)
- @arcainius

And the booze will be looked after by @Mvelase_P

Garden cricket rules apply.
First ball to be bowled abetween 12.30 and 1.

Does anyone have cricket bats and/or tennis/slaz balls?

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