Wednesday, May 05, 2010


On Friday my car got broken into. They smashed my passenger window in and hakked my iPod (which was hidden away) inside. I got into a bit of a strop about it and had a good whinge and was just pretty fucked off.

Saturday night come, while I was whinging in someone's ear about my car being broken into and the loss of one mere possession...

While this was going on my sister was on her way back to town from the burbs. She was going about 60kph and she swerved to miss a dog that ran across the road. The island between the roads is at about 60 degrees, and in no time at all she lost control ads her car went up it. She smashed into a lamp post, scraped the complete shit out of the underneath of the car, and then drove into a tree which finally stopped her - she thinks her foot got jammed onto the accelerator during this whole shebang. Every air bag in the car went off, the bumper came off, mirrors broken off. She hit the tree so hard that her rear-view mirror fell off the windscreen. Cops at the scene said it is virtually impossible to have her accident and not roll a car there.

Somehow, she's fine.

All she has is a busted knee and a mark where the seatbelt caught her.

But it just goes to show you that a broken window ain't really that big of a deal, innit?

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