Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Promenade cricket

Calling all Capetonians!

I declare it that we require a little get-together before winter kicks in and our lives suck for a few months.

It is for this reason that I declare it neccesary to have a cricket match on the Sea Point Promenade with all who feel like joining.

Garden cricket rules will apply. This means:
- one-hand, one-bounce (to facilitate holding of beer can)
- tip and run (so we can get the really good people out)
- electric wickets, but only if we have a few people. If we sort out two teams and have enough players for two batters then this doesn't apply.
- we will be using TENNIS balls

This will be on the 17th of April at midday. The first delivery will be bowled sometime between 12.30pm and 13.00.

You NEED to RSVP so I can see how many people are keen. All we basically need is even numbers. Guys and girls are welcome, as are kids, I suppose.

RSVP here: -- email me by like the 14th of April.


The hashtag on twitter will be #promcricket provided by @6000

By the way, beverages are encouraged. Bring your own drinks and food and stuff.


KERNEELS said...

I shall be there. Oh yes, I shall be there. (what day is the seventeenth, btw?)

Simon said...

It is a Saturday. Email me:

al mackay said...

Wow. And those rules are probably simplified. Didn't understand a word :)