Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spot the SA tourist

Back when I lived in Florence (Firenze, to those of us in the know) I used to often walk around the central part of the city because I found it so stunning. My favourite was to walk around il Duomo - the Cathedral - right in the centre of town and listen to the excited batches of tourists raving about the stunning building.

Image from Virtualtourist.

I walked past groups of Americans, loudly exclaiming their wonderment "OH MY GAWD - this is AMAZING!"

British tourists, noses in guidebooks would quietly rave "Goodness Geoffrey, I can't believe it is so beautiful. Look at the ornate detail".

As I rounded the building I walked past a group of three guys, one of whom happened to shout as I past. "Fuck bru, that thing's HUUUGE!"

Yep - we're easy to notice overseas.

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