Thursday, June 03, 2010

An interesting... ode to the Ecco Chocolate Muffin

You arrive to warm and brown,
Chocolate covers your crown,
Melted, running down your side,
I lick it up, there's more inside.

Packaged neatly, there you sit,
Rested upon that Ecco packet,
I pick you up toward my teeth,
after removing you from your paper sheath.

Your crunchy top glistens white,
with bits of chocolate right in sight,
Into them I keenly bite,
and eat and eat with all my might.

Every morning, here I wait,
They run you across the road, and through the gate,
At my desk, impatiently I sit,
Willing you to hurry up a bit.

And then you come, bearing joy for me,
I never share you with he nor she,
Covered in Lindt, you are my friend,
and my happiness will never end.
(you, unfortunately, get eaten).

1 comment:

Jolandi said...

Mr Williamson..this is definitely one of your best works!!