Thursday, December 10, 2009

In response to lame white people who think they live in some sort of reverse-Apartheid

The Blanke are Restless
29 Nov 2029

Shish-Lewey - There was an uprising today in the capital of the northern KZN Balungustan, Shish-Lewey (formerly known as Hluhluwe). The march, illegally led by Madam Helen Zille (still allegedly sharing ties with the banned Democratic Alliance) was in protest at the removal of English and Afrikaans as languages of education at schools located within the homeland.

Mike Sutcliffe, head of the Shish-Lewey Balungustan said: "We condemn the march by that communist Zille and her cronies who want nothing more than to cause disruption in our quiet and orderly country." I understand white people, but I will never understand why she makes so much trouble. It is not practical for the white people to learn anything in the languages they won't be communicated in with by their masters and madams."

Zille recently accused Sutcliffe of corruption within in the Balungustan and misuse of funds allocated to it by the government. She called for an emphasis on hospitals as the enclosed homeland was aiding the spread of easily-treatable diseases like cholera. Sutcliffe responded by having Zille arrested for the 17th time. It can't be long until she joins her white compatriots Tony Leon, Barbara Hogan, Patricia de Lille, Athol Trollip, Piet Mulder, FW de Klerk, Sandra Prinsloo and Dan Plato for a longer stay behind bars in Winnie Mandela Prison in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Marthinus van Schalkwayk, the man who oversees the de Doorns Balungustan in the Western Cape has been flown up on President Malema's orders to advise Sutcliffe on running a trouble-free homeland. van Schalkwyk has often used the army to control his Balungustan (the largest in the country due to the influx of white people to the Western Cape before the Freedom of Movement of Europeans act was enforced in 2017). Last week, during a protest in de Doorns, white political figure Trevor Manuel was shot dead and three others were wounded on van Schalkwyk's orders.

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